10 travel with baby & toddler tips

By Nomad Mum

After two years of full-time travel with baby #1 (now toddler, 2 years old) and baby #2 (now 6 months old) we consider ourselves as baby travel experts 🙂

We wish we knew these ten travel with baby tips before!

1. Fly with a baby

Flying with baby was easier as we thought. Even a 25-hour-journey with two connecting flights from New Zealand to Mauritius was alright. Not great, but alright! Our impression is that babies and toddlers do cope with long flights much better than we do.
However, make your life easy and follow our advice:
– Breastfeed or let the baby / toddler drink at takeoff and landing to avoid ear problems (altitude compensation). We never had any problems at all.
– Book a bassinet! You have to call most airlines to do that. And try to call them before you booked the flight, as they can help you with the booking or give you a helpful advice.


2. Accommodation booking

We loooove Airbnb! Because: a separate bedroom is often useful to let the kids sleep and stay up in the living room. Being able to cook is also handy. Nowadays many hosts offer baby beds, so you don’t even need to bring one! How do you check if they offer a baby cot? Check the section “amenities”. Often times a baby cot is listed there. If not, ask the host if they still have one or may borrow one from friends etc.


3. Is your destination safe?

Especially, if you travel to tropical countries, check if it’s safe for your needs, first!
– These 2 official sites are very helpful to check travel health:
Fit for Travel
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
– If you are not sure how the current situation is like regarding Dengue, ZIKA etc. just call a local hospital and ask if there has been an outbreak lately. Most of the time you get a good and professional insight if it’s safe or not.
– Islands: We are usually not traveling to remote islands. We would check if we can get to the mainland/hospital within 2 hours.


4. Travel vaccination for babies and toddlers

Find our full article on travel vaccinations here.


5. Travel Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is probably THE most important travel gadget for babies and toddlers. Many countries don’t have stroller-appropriate streets and/or many stairs to climb. So be prepared to carry your bub a lot! In fact, for our second daughter we did not even have a pram or a stroller!

We might be a bit biased, but the Rookie baby carrier really is a great travel carrier! (Full disclosure: It’s us who have designed and who are selling it) Why do we think it’s great? It’s made of a light and breathable cotton-linen fabric. Moreover, it’s antibacterial! And finally, it’s so small, it fits in a regular bag easily. On top of that, it’s ethically made of 100% organic fabric.


6. Sun protection

Don’t underestimate the sun even if you’re in the shade! Dermatologists always recommend: first, cover the body of your baby; second, don’t expose it to direct sunlight. Even in shade you need to use sunscreen for the remaining parts, such as hands or face. Use SPF 50 sunscreen. Important: buy one that does not contain Octocrylene, as it has hormonal effects in cell cultures.


7. Formula milk, baby food and diapers

In short: you don’t need to bring any of that! As long as you are not traveling to the middle of nowhere: we are quite confident to say that you will not end up in a place where baby food and diapers are not available 🙂

In case you want to check which formula milk is available at your destination, check the destination articles in our blog.


8. First Aid Kit

You will find a complete First Aid Kit for babies / toddlers here. We use as much natural remedies as possible. So it might be also helpful for use back home 🙂


9. Travel car seat

Don’t fool yourself into believing that it’s fine to take Tuk-Tuks, Scooters or cars without a car seat. Although many people adapt very quickly into believing that accidents only happen at home. The reality is: Chances of getting in an accident on your travels are often far higher than at home. It’s so simple: If you get into an accident without a proper car seat, your new baby will most probably be dead. Not only will you have to go through the hassles of making a new one, also you will most probably not feel so good. So why not bring a car seat?

For babies: Unfortunately, the are no „light car seat“ alternatives. BUT we still found a very convenient car seat: the Doona “All-in-one” Dune Beige (We also call it the “transformers” car seat)  It is so special as it is the only one with retractable tires. Why not just taking a car seat with a frame? Because sometimes you might get very small taxis where space is limited. This one you can even take on a plane if you booked an extra seat for your baby. Also, carrying a car seat WITH a baby in it is very heavy – even on short distances. Moreover, you might use it as a stroller or a mobile sleeping bed if you would like to go for dinner in the restaurant.

For toddlers: There are booster seats for toddlers. For short distances with a taxi we take the mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat, Slate Grey  For longer distances we would either bring our own proper car seat or rent one with the car rental company.


10. Travel Stroller

Here is our travel stroller review for 2018! We fell in love with the Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller – Black – Grey! It is super light, stable, has a reclinable sleeping position AND fits as a “carry-on” in the plane! (Full Disclaimer: Babyzen gave us the stroller for free to test it. However, we would have bought it ourselves.)


Did we miss something? Any questions left? Please comment below!

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4 thoughts on “10 travel with baby & toddler tips

  • Caoimhe April 5, 2018 at 5:48 pm Reply

    Hi, love your blog!
    Do you have any recommendations for travel high chairs? We will be driving through Europe with a 10month old and not everywhere we stay will have high chairs available.

    • Nomad Mum April 5, 2018 at 6:09 pm Reply

      Hi Caoimhe, Thank you 🙂 There are actually several brands that provide a buckle that you can attach to chairs so that your baby is save when sitting on the chair. Just look for “portable highchair buckle” on Amazon. Friends of ours were using one of those and really liked it.
      We usually use high chairs in cafes or restaurants. Otherwise, we just feed our baby in the doona car seat or in the stroller. That works quite well, too!

    • Joyce July 1, 2019 at 6:10 am Reply

      Great tips! We are planning our trip to Thailand with our then 9 month old. Is it possible to use the car seat properly? From my solo travel I remember taxi’s not having belts most of the time… how did you travel around the islands?

  • Caoimhe April 18, 2018 at 3:25 pm Reply

    Thank you! Your Instagram is a great inspiration x

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