Travel with baby to the French countryside

By Nomad Mum

While travelling towards south of France we took a few days rest in the countryside of the Pilat area. It is a protected area of mountainous countryside close to Lyon. Beautiful views from the hills, old typical French stone houses, vineyards and tiny towns make it a dream for France lovers, especially if you travel with baby.

Consequently, Airbnb is full of picturesque apartments. Our choice was a stone house in Vérin which looks like taken from a storybook.  It has a  big garden, a pond with frogs and chickens in the back. Our apartment is usually rented out to writers who find their inspiration in this idyllic place. Our host Gérard also wrote a book about indigenous tribes in the Amazonas. Surprisingly, he used to live with them for about one year.

Cost per night incl. fees:74 €.


I found our travel with baby to the countryside extremely easy and relaxed. You really come down and spend more intense time with your little one. However, you don’t get bored. I was hiking around the house with a baby carrier and we also took a short trip to a nearby old town called Pélussin.


Moreover, the area is great to get high quality local food. Try La Ferme du Pilat (8 Rue du Pilat, 42410 Pélussin, France). In addition, for goat cheese lovers, there is a local farmer with a great variety of cheese. You can find him at the Route du Bourey and also watch the goats.





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