Travel with baby to Spain, Tarragona

By Nomad Mum

On our world travel with baby we stopped for a week in Tarragona.

Why Tarragona? You may see it as an alternative to Barcelona. First of all, we have been in Barcelona several times. Second, Barcelona is filled with tourist crowds. Third, Tarragona has a unique amphitheater just next to the sea. Fourth, besides the city beach, there are a lot nice & more remote beaches around it. Fifth, the historic city centre is just beautiful with it’s relaxed Spanish flair.

We had an Airbnb flat between the city beach and the historic centre. The owner was a kind young lady who was a physician for autoimmune diseases.

Cost incl. fees: 69 € per night.


Tarragona was our first overnight stop in Spain and you could feel the change in temperature. Consequently, tt was much warmer and more humid. Nevertheless, our baby was tolerating it very well. Yet, I must admit I was carrying her much less in the baby carrier because of the heat and sun exposure. The pram in combination with a solar sail worked very well. If it got very warm we made a break in a shady cafe and took her out of the pram to get more air.

Favorite cafe: Raffa Gelati with industrial style furniture outside and great coffee inside.

These beaches were long (great for running) and less spoiled than the city beach:

  • Platja Llarga (Stop close to Toful del Mar)
  • Tamarit (Stop close to Club Maritim Altafulla or Restaurant Voramar Cal Vitali)

At both beaches you will find nice cute chiringuitos (a small beach bar) – perfect for a sundowner! At this time our baby usually fell asleep. Hence, we just took the carrycot of our pram and put it next to our tables. With fresh salty air she was sleeping great.







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    Me gusta este articulo. No sabes el tiempo que llevaba buscando. Gracias !! Besitos !!

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