Say helau to Cologne

By Nomad Mum

Our first stop on our world travel with baby

Our first stop was cologne and it’s surrounding areas just to visit baby’s grandparents. So there we were in baby’s first AirBnB apartment. Of course we needed to rearrange everything: change the diapers on the desk, wash the baby in the sink. Sleeping was as usual: in the carrycot of the stroller that we put next to our bed.

We found the apartment at Wimdu (a German alternative for Airbnb).

Cost per night incl. everything: 87,50€.

Cologne has quite something to offer if you travel with baby or kids. The area around Brüssler Platz is nice and not as busy as the inner center. You will find there cute shops and cafes or you can just wander through the streets.

For great views take a walk along the Rhine river. Especially on the other side of the river (Köln Deutz)  you will see the Cologne Cathedral. For a break you should visit the Cologne Beach Club km 689.

If you are looking for parks you should go for Decksteiner Weiher. It’s great for jogging, has a workout area and a nice cafe by the water, Haus am See.





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