Road trip with baby to Nîmes

By Nomad Mum

On our road trip with baby to the south of France we passed Nimes. It’s a pretty French town with almost white streets. Because of it’s history and several monuments, such as the arena, it is also called the French Rome. Although it reminds me of an ancient empire, it is rather small with an unhasting flair.

The streets are good if you want to take your stroller or buggy with you. While my husband sat down in a cafe to work, I was wandering through the streets. It was nice to visit little shops and some sights in the meanwhile. Even though it was quite hot, the streets were cool enough with lots of shady routes.

I find it very convenient to take a stroller rather than a carrier if I plan to walk around for several hours:

  • I don’t have to carry all the stuff
  • I can change diapers in the stroller
  • If I take a break in a cafe I don’t have to put my baby on my lap

Since the start of our road trip with baby was a couple of weeks ago, we already needed to sort out some baby clothes. I would not recommend you to pack several sizes on your way but rather to buy them on the way. Therefore, I recommend you these shops for baby clothes:

  • Sergent Major, 11 Avenue du Général Perrier, Nimes
  • Dpam, 11 Rue de la Madeleine, Nimes
  • Petit Bateau, 15 Avenue du Général Perrier,Nimes


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