Perpignan – Here we come!

By Nomad Mum

Finally, we traveled with baby to the south of south France – Perpignan. Another picturesque French town with a nice historic city center. However, not entirely French. It belonged for many years to Spain and therefore many Street signs are in French and Catalan.

Furthermore, Dali had a strange vision of Perpignan to be the centre of the universe and painted “La Gare de Perpignan” thereafter.

The streets are nice for walks with a stroller and the little shops and cafes are great for rest. Since we are in France I find it amusing how much the French adore babies. While I was having a break in a cafe I was instantly surrounded by a group of older ladies. They were all over my little one! But don’t worry, they still kept their distance 😉

Best restaurant: Le Figuier, 7 Rue du Figuier, Perpignan

Fun fact: Men are not allowed to wear tank tops! Ironically, we were stopped by a police car while my husband was carrying our nappy nomad in a baby carrier. Apparently, he looked too dangerous with tank top and baby.

At our Airbnb apartment we had a very friendly host, who made our stay so comfortable. The apartment was in the city center with nice bars nearby. I liked the design and the terrace was definitely a plus!

Cost per night incl. fees: 65 €



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