Beautiful Basel with Baby

By Nomad Mum

Travel with baby to this beauty

I was actually surprised how pretty Basel is. On our route we spent unfortunately only 2 days there. I wish it would have been more.

We had a small but cute Airbnb apartment just in the heart of the city. Even if you don’t end up in the city center you can be sure that you can walk the city from there. The big terrace made our stay absolutely perfect.

We spent 89€ per night incl. everything.


Basel has only 175 thousand citizens and this makes it so snuggish. But it is also diverse at the same time. Little swiss style streets change to broad promenades at the Rhine river which lead to alternative DIY cafes. Besides the typical sight seeings like the Basel Münster, the historic district and the townhall there is much more.

My personal favourites if you travel with baby to Basel:

  • The “Patschifig“, an alternative bar & restaurant area by the river. It looks like a big fun playground for adults.
  • Taking one of the tiny ferrys on the Rhine river.
  • Having a barbecue by the river. You will find several public barbecue stations in Basel, which makes it so easy and absolutely necessary to have one.


Helpful advices if you travel with baby:

  • Take you carrier and leave your stroller or buggy home. You will need to climb some stairs and walk cobblestones.
  • How to eat in a restaurant without a stroller? Just put your baby on the table 🙂

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