Baby’s First Aid Kit for Travel

By Nomad Mum

If you travel with baby a first aid kid will be helpful. This is what we took on our travel:

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1. Paracetamol for pain and fever

We actually took Paracetamol suppository (75mg) but you can take any kind of administration form, e.g. a suspension:


2. Viburcol for nervousness, pain and fever

These are homeopathic suppository.


3. Saline drops for stuffy nose and eyes

Naturally helps to clean nose and eyes.


4. Nasal Spay for the sniffles

We took Olynth nasal spray with 0.025% xylometazoline-hydrochloride for strong sniffles.


5. BioGaia drops for abdominal pain

Helps your baby stomach to digest in a probiotic way.


6. Simethicone for abdominal pain

It relieves the gas in your baby’s stomach.


7. Caraway suppository for flatulence/gas

Unfortunately, not available on Amazon. 1 suppository contains 1 g.


8. Thermometer with a flexible tip

If you don’t have one yet, I find the ones with a flexible tip very useful.




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