Western Australia

By Nomad Mum

On our first day in Perth, Western Australia with baby (7-8month old), it was love at first sight! Gorgeous beaches, extremely friendly and relaxed “no-worries” mentality people.

Second day: everything around you wants to kill you! The first sign when walking down the beach was “beware of (venomous) snakes”. Perth is probably the most dangerous place to swim due to shark attacks. The last 2 attacks were just a few months prior to our arrival. There is a site (sharksmart.com.au) where you can see when they spotted a shark and where. Around our Cottesloe beach we found almost every day shark listings. We found a memorial at this beach for a guy who died after a shark attack standing in hip-deep water.

Third day: it is very baby friendly here. I went to mum meetups and met really friendly girls. We took our first swimming classes, which our baby absolutely loved. The city and the beach is less crowded than Australia’s east coast. There are family friendly beaches, e.g. the Hilary Harbour. Particularly the Canteen at Trigg beach is always flooded with mums and their babies.

We rented a car (drivenow.com.au) on the weekends and used public trans or Uber the other days. Car rentals are – contrary to all other expenses – quite cheap in WA.

From Perth you can go on great trips around Western Australia with baby. It is especially great for endless unspoiled beach hopping. We also made a daytrip to Perth’s vine region, the Swan Valley. It is a charming area with restaurants among vineyards and Aussie country live music, if you’re lucky.

Of course we didn’t miss one of those must-do-wildlife parks. In the Caversham Wildlifepark we saw ✔️Wombats ✔️Kangaroos ✔️Koalas ✔️Australian Pinguins ✔️Dropbears 😉

The Lancelin Dunes are stunning white sand dunes. Unfortunately, we arrived quite late to do the sand boarding or drive a buggy. That looked like loads of fun and like the end of the world scenario.

The best trip we did was to “Rotto” (Rottnest Island). It is such a beautiful island with loads of wildlife! Several Australians recommended it to us and it was definitely our favorite trip in Western Australia. There are Quokkas (a small Kangaroo type), Pheasants, Pelicans and many more running around you, not difficult to spot. A similar vibrant life can be experienced underwater. The flora is also quite special filled with Australian green bush. Everything looks different and exotic. Around the island there are numerous wrecks that may be explored while snorkeling. As you can see, we fell in love! We rented bikes with a baby trailer, which was the perfect way to get around. We regularly found shade for our Bub and the ferry was also very baby friendly.

Apparently, there were a lot of ships that wrecked at the coast of Western Australia. We also found a very special museum dedicated to the exciting stories behind the wrecks.

We also tried to go to a public lecture at Uni with baby (never too early to start with good education ;). But our baby started to talk “blablabla”after 15 minutes. She obviously had some more interesting thoughts to share than the professor. So we needed to leave.

We were living in 4 different Places around Perth: Cottesloe (our fave beach so far), Fremantle (funky area), Rockingham (great for Kitesurfing & Pinguin Island) and in Subiaco at the end.

Just a few minutes after we arrived at our apartment in ‘Subi’, we heard a voice from a loud speaker “Xy street, house xy, unit xy, the unit is surrounded by Police! All habitats of the apartment, please leave your apartment slowly with your hands up high…“. We went on our balcony and saw several Police cars in front of our building! A proper SWAT team on the street, as well as men and women in botton-down shirts and CIA-like badges further down the street. It literally looked like Homeland! Were they talking to us? Did we move into a gangster apartment? Well, they were aiming at a house opposite of ours. Or were they just shooting a movie?

After a month in and around Perth this is my conclusion of what mum life looks like, if you are on maternity leave: go to a baby swim class in the morning; drive to the beach/park and have some BBQ at the public BBQ stations; have a coffee at a mum meetup; go for a walk along the beach and finally meet your husband after he finishes work. Definitely a tough life 😉


About us

When our first daughter was seven weeks old, we started traveling the world. That was almost two years ago. Today we have visited more than 14 countries with baby, had a second one on the way and started our little family enterprise.

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  • Sandro February 23, 2017 at 2:00 am Reply

    Wuhuuuuuuuu!! Love your pics:)
    Nice to see that you have a Great Time!! Cheers Sandro

  • Anika July 6, 2017 at 3:03 pm Reply

    Hello, I think its wonderful what you are doing ;-). We are planning the same, just with 3 little kids. My husband is self employed too and can work from everywhere and I am on maternity leave. I was wondering how you do the travelling and the working. Could you let me know how that works out for you? I still cannot really imagine how our trip will look like when my husband has to work constantly, that is why I am curious how you guys do?.
    Enjoy your trip and would be lovely to hear your experience from you.

  • whitsundays tour March 8, 2018 at 10:17 am Reply

    a wonderful blog post

    thanks for sharing

  • Jina September 28, 2018 at 4:49 am Reply

    Hi there! Wonderful and fun blogs! Thanks for sharing your trip and tips.

    We’re planning to visit Perth with our 13 month old, and want to check out Lancelin Sand Dune but we’re not sure if this place would be appropriate for a baby (i.e., whether it’d be too windy and sandy and sunny, etc). Could you please advise on this? Thank you!

    • Nomad Mum September 28, 2018 at 12:57 pm Reply

      Hey Jina, I actually think this place is PERFECT for a 13-month old: they can crawl (or walk) wherever they want! It’s so much fun 🙂
      Of course you should check the weather forecast before going 😉 And take a sun hat with you. And if you got enough of the sun, just drive to the next restaurant and take a break in the shade.

      • Jina September 28, 2018 at 1:33 pm Reply

        Thanks a lot for your advice! Now, I’m more confident to bring my baby along 🙂 Hopefully, we can share our experiences at Lancelin after we’re back from the trip. Cheers!

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