About Us

A digital nomad family who travels since almost two years

We are a digital nomad family who started traveling the world when our first daughter was 7 weeks old. Our adventure started in our hometown Berlin. The first route took us through Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal) by car. After we found living and traveling with a small baby is way easier than expected, we booked a ticket to Asia and went on to explore the Asia-Pacific Region (Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand). Then we had a look at La Reunion and Mauritius and “finally” got home to have our second little daughter when number one was about 1.5 years old.

During our time back home in Berlin (during the European summer), we really started appreciating Germany as well as seeing family and friends again. We were always searching for that “perfect” place to be and felt that we might have found at the place we initially left. However, when the days got shorter and we had to buy a slicker (raincoat) for number one, that was enough for us. We started to continue our travels, went to Italy, Malta, Cyprus and South Africa – now with two of those little monsters.

Our traveling style has changed quite a bit. When we only had one child, we never stayed at any place for more than seven days, sometimes less. With two of them, we quickly realized that it made way more sense to stay in places for longer durations. Otherwise, moving from place to place just was too time consuming – despite the fact that our total luggage weights only 23kg. That’s for all four of us.

So what do we do all day? We basically live a pretty normal life as similar as possible to the country where we stay. We tend to not visit all of the major sights, we rather establish normal “daily routines”. We go to beaches, meet other people (lately preferably with kids so they can entertain each other) and give our best to find some time to work: Nomad-Dad is one of these “digital entrepreneurs” and Nomad-Mom comes from the corporate world. Together, we founded a new label for baby carriers called “Rookie”. We aim to make the most beautiful baby carriers in the world and structure the company as a sustainable location-independent family enterprise.

In our blog you will see less touristy and more alternative places, as well as advices on how to travel with a baby. It is definitely easier than you think!

So please join us on our journey!