About Us

A digital nomad family who travels the world with a 7-weeks old baby

We are a digital nomad family who started to a world travel with baby. At that time our Nappy Nomad was 7-weeks ‘old’. Our adventure started in our hometown Berlin. The first route will take us through Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal) by car first and explore Asia-Pacific (Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand) as well as further continents thereafter.

How to finance a world travel with baby? First of all, Nomad Mum took 1.5 years parental leave from work, financially supported by the German government (Elterngeld). Moreover, Nomad Mum started this blog to support our budget as a digital nomad family. Nomad Dad is self-employed (software developer) and can work from anywhere, as long as there is a decent wifi connection. In worst case he uses his mobile phone to create a hotspot.

How to implement such trip? We decided to travel by car at the beginning, as it is easier in many ways: Mobility is the most important one. We can visit more random places and stop wherever we want to. As a 7-week old is not able to sit, we cannot take a light buggy with us and need a bulky pram. With a car we are more flexible regarding our packing. Most of the medical check ups were done before the trip and the remaining ones were done on our trip – don’t forget that they have babies outside your country, too. We are mostly sleeping in AirBnB apartments, where you have more space and a kitchen to cook. Check out our blog for more practical information.

In our Blog you will see less touristy and more alternative places, as well as advices on how to travel with a baby. It is definitely easier than you think!

So please join us on our journey!